DS18x Windows Native Service

This program is a native Windows Service and it logs temperature measurements from the 1-Wire temperature sensors. Service can run without user logged in.  Program can broadcast measurements to the local area network using so called mailslot's and so temperature readings can be seen from the other workstations.


  • Operating system Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003
    • x86 systems only
    • Control panel applet does not work with newer Windows versions
  • Program will not work with Windows 95, 98 or ME
  • MicroLAN (1-Wire) adapter connected to the computer
  • TMEX drivers, i.e. TMEX runtime environment or new 1-wire drivers
    • Works only with 32-bit drivers
  • Supported 1-wire sensors
    • DS1820
      • Measuring -50°C - +70°C
      • Resolution 0,1°C, accuracy in practice ±0,5°C
    • DS18B20, DS1822 and DS1920
    • Several sensors can be connected to the same adapter


  • Download this setup.exe
  • 1-Wire drivers: 1-Wire®/iButton® Drivers for Windows 
  • You need to have Administrative rights when installing
  • Run setup program. It will use "c:\dslog" as a default directory
  • Define your configuration to ini-file located in the program directory. Detailed instruction in the ini-file.
  • Settings can be changed using control panel and "DS18x Applet".
  • Service can be started from the Windows Control Panel / Services .
  • The program will save each sensor data to its own text file. In addition, you can define a common file for several sensors, where each sensor has own column. Detailed instruction in the ini-file.

Version history

  • Version  25 Jan 2004
    • Correction to DS18B20 and DS1822 negative temperature calculations
    • Correction to DS9097U adapter identification
    • Added control panel applet to change service configuration
  • Version  15 Dec 2003
    • Support to externally powered sensors
    • Support to DS18B20 and DS1822 sensors
    • Setup program, that will register program to Windows Services.
  • Version  08 Jun 2003
    • Public release