LogTemp language files

LogTemp program can be localized to other languages very easily. All program captions, messages etc. are read from the external lng-file. Default installation installs english.lng and finnish.lng files to the program directory. Other translations can be done by using the english.lng as a reference file.

These files are translated by the LogTemp users. If you have a translation, you can send it to be published here.

Language Translated Version
Bulgarian Todor Tonkov 2.17
Catalan J.F. Peyrecave 2.22
Czech Zdenek Brdek 2.19
Danish Heine Christensen 2.25
English MR Soft 2.25
Estonian Tarmo Kõlli 2.24
Finnish MR Soft 2.25
French Olivier CLEMENT 2.23
German Rene 2.25
Greek Kostas Bouzianas 2.14
Dutch Herman Imminkhuizen 2.13
Italian Mario Marini 2.25
Norwegian Morten Punnerud 2.24
Polish Adam Szyma 2.7
Portuguese João Pereira 2.14
Spanish Miguel Segnana 2.10
Slovenian Andrej Fercic 2.22
Swedish Göran Wiberg 2.21
Ukrainian Titarenko V. N 2.25