LogTemp - program

Temperature shown in SysTray (+21°C)


LogTemp program can be used for viewing and saving of several 1-Wire temperature sensors measurements. The interval of the measurements can be adjusted.

Measurements will be shown in day/week/month graphics. These pictures can be saved automatically using defined intervals. Last measurement values can also be saved to html-file. MySQL™ database could also be used for saving the measurements.

LogTemp program can be localized to other languages very easily. All program captions, messages etc. are read from the external lng-file. Default installation installs english.lng and finnish.lng files to the program directory. Other translations can be done by using the english.lng as a reference file.

If you want to log temperatures with Windows native service, see DS18x Service.

More LogTemp pictures:

LogTemp requirements

  • Operating system Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    • Only x86 systems, although x64 with 32-bit 1-Wire drivers has been reported to work
  • MicroLAN (1-Wire) adapter connected to the computer
  • TMEX drivers, i.e. TMEX runtime environment or new 1-wire drivers
    • Works only with 32-bit drivers
  • Supported 1-wire sensors

1-wire sensors / chips supported by LogTemp

  • DS1820 temperature sensors
    • Measuring -50°C - +70°C
    • Resolution 0,1°C, accuracy in practice ±0,5°C
    • Better accuracy if calibration is used
  • DS18B20, DS1822 and DS1920 temperature sensors
  • DS2438
    • Relative humidity measurements
      • DS2438 + HIH-3610/4000/4010. Example here
    • Solar Radiation measurements
      • DS2438 + photodiode. Example here
    • Barometer
      • DS2438 + MPX4115A
    • Voltage
      • VAD measurements (0 - 10 V)
  • DS2423 Counter
    • Lightning and General Purpose counters
    • Rain gauge
    • Wind Speed
    • Energy Consumption (kWh) with graphs
    • No picture generated from the other values (yet)
  • DS2405 and DS2406 Switch
    • Alarm event can e.g. control relay board
    • DS2406 has one (TO92 package) or two (TSOC package) channels to be used and in general it's more reliable than DS2405
  • DS2409
    • DS2409 based hubs based are supported
  • DS2760
    • Temperature measurements using type E, J, K, R, S or T thermocouples
  • UV Index Meter
    • Hobby Boards special UV Index Meter with 1-Wire interface
    • Not recommended due to serious design failures of the meter. Poor temperature compensation and missing CRC protection. Not usable below +10°C temperatures
    • Finally this item has been withdrawn from the markets by vendor


Version history

  • Version  21 Aug 2011
    • xAP messages withdrawn
    • Corrected Min/Max values when Fahrenheit is set
    • Corrected settings for counter (DS2423) properties
    • Corrected DS276x reading in Windows 7 environment
    • Corrected DS2438 reading for combined sensors (e.g. Hum+Sun) when another sensor fails
    • Corrected CSV-file columns compared to header line
    • Setup form redesigned
    • Changed  FTP timer to compatible with other timers (x times measuring interval)
      • Check your FTP timer now
    • Added timer for MySQL. If used, measurements will cached until timer event, then sent all
    • Added TIMEZONE_BIAS_UTC to XML-file, difference between UTC and Local time
    • Added TemperatureGroups (three) for temperature measurements. Each group has own graphs
    • Minor adjustments
  • Earlier version history see this